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Unleash the Power: Vegeta 24000 Power Level S.H.Figuarts Figure Announced

By October 27, 2023November 27th, 2023No Comments

Get ready to power up your Dragon Ball Z collection because Bandai Tamashii Nations is dropping a bombshell with the release of the Vegeta 24000 Power Level action figure! This electrifying figure is set to hit shelves in June 2024,worldwide. Brace yourselves for an action figure experience that’s out of this Saiyan world!

Vegeta 24000 Power Level is donning his iconic outfit from the Frieza Saga, bringing those epic battles straight from the anime to your display shelves. But that’s not all – this figure comes with a trio of interchangeable facial expressions, capturing Vegeta in all his glory – from intense shouts to teeth-clenched determination and that classic Saiyan grin. It’s like having the Prince of all Saiyans right in your room!

And here’s the kicker – the scouter is detachable, allowing you to recreate a total of eight different states! Talk about attention to detail. Whether you want to showcase Vegeta scanning power levels or going all-out in battle, this figure has got you covered.

But what makes this release even more exciting is its compatibility with other figures in the Dragon Ball Z S.H.Figuarts lineup. Picture this – Vegeta 24000 Power Level posed alongside Zarbon, Frieza’s henchman, and Kyewi, recreating those jaw-dropping battles from the series. The possibilities are as limitless as Vegeta’s power level!

To add to the cool factor, the shoulder interior and shoulder armor of the combat uniform boast the same mobile structure that wowed fans in S.H.Figuarts Thales. Get ready to replicate those awe-inspiring anime scenes with ease!

So, mark your calendars, clear some shelf space, and gear up for the Vegeta 24000 Power Level figure. This is not just an action figure; it’s a ticket to relive the Frieza Saga in the most epic way possible. Don’t miss out on the action – June 2024 (April for Japan) is the date, and Vegeta is ready to take center stage!

Release Date: June 2024

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