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Kyewi Joins the S.H.Figuarts Lineup: A Cool Surprise for Dragon Ball Z Fans

By November 3, 2023No Comments

In an unexpected twist that’s got Dragon Ball Z fans all excited, Bandai Tamashii Nations has just announced they’re bringing Kyewi from the Saiyan Saga into their famous S.H.Figuarts action figure line. While Kyewi might not be as famous as Goku or Vegeta, this news is a real treat for fans who’ve been itching for something different and not just more versions of the same old characters.

Kyewi, who’s from the Frieza Saga, is making a big debut in the world of collectible figures. The S.H.Figuarts figure is about 5.51 inches tall and is made of tough ABS and PVC materials, which means it’s both sturdy and super detailed. This release is all about giving hardcore Dragon Ball Z fans a piece of the show that pays respect to the not-so-famous but still much-loved characters.

What really makes this Kyewi figure special is the bunch of interchangeable parts it comes with. This lets fans recreate all those famous moments from the series. You’ve got four different head parts to pick from, showing off Kyewi’s various expressions in the show. There’s a yelling face, a scared look, a face when he’s crying “Ahh, Frieza!!,” and even a defeated expression. These face options open up a whole world of cool ways to display your Kyewi figure in all sorts of poses.

And that’s not all – Bandai Tamashii Nations takes it up a notch with some extra parts that really add to the fun. They’ve thrown in bonus parts, like extra facial expressions and hand parts that you can use with the defeated face. These bonus bits are specially designed to work with the S.H.Figuarts Vegeta – 24000 Combat Power Level – figure (sold separately), so fans can recreate that epic “Ha, dirty fireworks!” moment from the series. It’s a sweet bonus that gives more bang for your buck and makes the figure even more attractive to fans who love to beef up their collections.

The news of Kyewi’s arrival in the S.H.Figuarts lineup has caused a buzz in the Dragon Ball Z community. While the series is full of powerful Saiyans and famous heroes, this release stands out as a surprising but well-received choice. It shows that Bandai Tamashii Nations wants to keep fans happy by giving them unique options for their collections.

So, if you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan who wants to spice up your collection with a character who doesn’t always hog the spotlight, Kyewi’s S.H.Figuarts figure is the way to go. Don’t miss out on the chance to recreate those unforgettable moments from the show and add some nostalgia to your display. Kyewi’s arrival reminds us that every character, no matter how low-profile, holds a special place in our hearts. And here’s the scoop – it’s set to hit the USA in July 2024, so mark your calendars! Pre-order S.H.Figuarts Kyewi today.