Have you ever received a package where you open it, find out it’s been poorly packed and it’s in bad shape? As collectors ourselves we know the feeling and it’s not a good experience. At JD Collectibles it’s our mission to prevent this happening to any collector.¬† As we all know, package condition is critical when it comes to collectibles; it affects display, enjoyment, and value.

Many merchants overlook the value of collecting or lack the operational infrastructure to enable it. This is what sets JD Collectibles apart from the competition: we understand collecting and have the infrastructure in place to support it. Our entire website, warehouse, and operation is based on the premise that a collector should be able to see the state of their product and receive it in that condition.

The JD Collectibles guarantee

From the moment a product shipment arrives to our warehouse, our staff members are trained to grade, separate and store product based on the grade of it’s packaging. New and recertified products are graded separately and each have their own grading system. On our website you will be able to see the following packaging grades:

New  Products

Standard Grade

  • Item is brand new and in excellent condition
  • Packaging is new but may have faults (fresh out of the case with only minor issues such as scrapes, rubbing, dings, dents, or creases)
  • Suitable for displaying in the package or opening
  • Most products fall under this grade

Sub-Standard Grade

  • ¬†Items with considerable packaging wear (significant issues such as scrapes, rubbing, dings, dents, or creases)
  • They are not typically suitable for display in their packaging
  • Perfect for opening as the items themselves are still brand new and mint-in-box.

Collectors Grade

We are currently working in creating processes to offer collectors grade products on our website.

Recertified  Products

Recertified products are used  / second hand action figures and collectibles that went through a robust recertification process to inspect, sanitize and bring the condition of the item to a near mint condition. Please refer to our recertification process help article

Excellent Grade

  • Product includes original packaging
  • Product include complete accessories
  • Packaging is in very good condition and may have faults (only minor issues such as scrapes, rubbing, dings, dents, shelf ware or creases)
  • Product is in near mint condition

Good Grade

  • Product may be missing original packaging
  • Product may be missing some accessories
  • Packaging with considerable wear (significant issues such as scrapes, rubbing, dings, dents, or creases)
  • Not suitable for display in their packaging

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