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How to sell your action figure collection


Gather information and photos of your collection

Create an organized list of all the items and their condition (e.g. completed accessories, box condition) . Take pictures of your collection.


Submit your collection information

Submit the information you collected in the first step, along with images, condition, state you are based in and contact information (email)


Accept your offer, get paid and get your items ready for shipment

Once you have accepted your offer, we would proceed to submit payment via PayPal Goods and Services. Prepare your shipment and submit pictures to document how you are shipping your collection.


Inspection and approval

Once your shipment is received, we inspect your shipment and accept it if there are no issues/discrepancies with the documentation you submitted we would close the sell in our system.
*There might be cases where missing accessories are not disclosed or an item got damaged in transit. We will work with you to solve it.


* Products must be in great condition, include complete accessories and it’s original box to receive the highest offer value. Product condition and offer value are determined by us in our sole discretion. By selling us your product, you release JD Collectibles from any claim relating to the product. All offers are final. No dealers. Sell your collection program available only in the United States and Puerto Rico. Void where prohibited. We reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend offers for any reason without notice.

Sell your collection FAQ

Expectations and general questions

What action figures does JD Collectibles buy?

We buy used and new action figures / collectibles from Bandai Tamashii Nations (S.H.Figuarts), Medicom Toy (Mafex), Sen-ti-nel, Mezco Toys and Hot Toys. We buy figures raging from mint to – fair condition (no box or missing accessories).

We do not buy action figures and collectibles from smoking households.

How do you determine your offers?

Offers are based on the following factors: current market value, box condition, figure condition, accessories condition (e.g. missing parts or broken accessories). We take into consideration all of this factors to give you a cash offer. Additionally, we are working on a standardized database where clients would be able to see offer values for every figure in the future.

How do you send payment?

Once you accept your offer we send payment via PayPal goods and services (this service has a service fee of 2.89% + $0.3). Please consider that PayPal may place this placement on hold, we have no control over this and it’s related to your account history and past sales using this service. This is normal and hold is usually removed once we accept your shipment, we strongly suggest to upload your tracking number to the transaction. Please refer to this article

How do I ship items once I accepted an offer?

Once you have received payment, you need to prepare your items for shipment. We recommend using a cardboard box that’s sturdy enough to protect your items while in transit. If there are multiple items, add at least 1 inch of packaging between items. You’ll want to individually wrap each item. Fill in all the empty space so the item doesn’t move. You can test this by shaking the box and listening for movement before you tape it up.

JD Collectibles will provide you the shipping address where the item should be delivered. We strongly encourage insuring your shipment. We are not responsible for shipping fees.

Do I get a shipping label to ship my items?

JD Collectibles is not responsible for shipping label and covering shipping fees. We will provide you the shipping address where the item should be delivered. Additionally, we strongly encourage you to get insurance on your shipment. For big lots we would include an additional shipping credit on your offer.

Do you cover the PayPal Goods and Services fee?

We do not cover PayPal goods and services fees (service fee is an estimate of 2.89% + $0.3)

Submit your collection information

Get your offer within 24 – 48 business hours