Our founder, JD, started collecting Dragon Ball S.H.Figuarts in late 2021, missing tens of releases and being left at the mercy of after market sellers. He quickly realized that it’s very hard to get quality used action figures without running the risk of getting broken, dirty, smelly, dusty and sometimes counterfeit action figures. JD Collectibles was born with the premise of offering high quality after market/used action figures and collectibles.

Recertified products are used  / second hand action figures and collectibles that went through a robust recertification process to inspect, sanitize and bring the condition of the item to a near mint condition. In this article we will look at the JD Collectibles recertification process.

Recertification Process

Process may be accommodated for items that are missing original packaging and accessories. This will be noted in the description of the item.

1. General visual inspection

During this step our staff does an initial inspection to asses the condition of a used/after market item, making sure there are no parts missing and that packing is in good condition.

2. Packaging sanitation

Item packing gets dusted, cleaned and air dried. Package windows are cleaned separately. This step also includes sanitation inside plastic clamshell of some figures.

3. Figure inspection

  • Figure is removed from it’s plastic clamshell and gets visually inspected for any noticeable blemishes or imperfections.
  • This is followed by a joint inspection (this varies for every figure). Inspection includes head, neck, chest butterfly, shoulders, arm swivel, elbows, wrists, torso, hip, legs, knees, ankles and toe joints.
  • If any loose joints are found, these are tightened using Kiki.

4. Figure sanitation

Figure gets dusted, cleaned and air dried. We use a ph neutral solution to prevent damaging the figure’s paint.

5. Final Inspection re/packaging

Item goes through a final inspection to meet our quality standards. Item gets graded (please reference our recertified grades) and repackaged to be stored in our climate controlled warehouse.

All final inspection notes are added to products description, you will also see the staff member who personally inspected your item.

Recertified Grading

Excellent Grade

  • Product includes original packaging
  • Product include complete accessories
  • Packaging is in very good condition and may have faults (only minor issues such as scrapes, rubbing, dings, dents, shelf ware or creases)
  • Product is in near mint condition

Good Grade

  • Product may be missing original packaging
  • Product may be missing some accessories
  • Packaging with considerable wear (significant issues such as scrapes, rubbing, dings, dents, or creases)
  • Not suitable for display in their packaging

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