Wishlists are here! Save products for later or use it as a gift list for your birthday. Create multiple wishlists, add products, control the sharing visibility of those lists, and share with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Email.

Important: Wishlists do not notify you if an out of stock product becomes available, please reference waitlists

Adding Items to a List

To add an item to a Wishlist click on the provided Add to Wishlist button or link. If you do not have a wishlist already one will automatically be created for you and the item will be added to it. If you already have a list you will be shown a popup which allows you to select which list you would like to add the item to. If you want to add the item to a new Wishlist, you can choose to create a new wishlist and add the item all in one step.

View and Manage Lists

You can view and manage your lists from two different sections of the site. You can navigate to the β€œWishlists” page and access all your lists. If you are logged into your account on the site you will see the wishlists available from your β€œMy Account” page.

Editing a List

To edit a list you have already created click on the title of the list. This will bring you to the β€œManage List Page”.

From this page you can view and manage the items in your list, and change the sharing and basic Wishlist information.

List Items

On the List Items tab you will see a list of items you have previously added to your list and a set of actions you can perform on those items. To apply an action to item(s) in your list, check the item(s), select the action from the drop down menu and click Apply Action. Your selected action will be applied to each item you selected. Check the top checkbox to select all items at once.

The actions available to you are:

  • Add to Cart – Adds all the selected items to the cart.
  • Remove From List – This will remove the selected items from your list.
  • Create a New List – This action will take you to the create a list screen. After you create a new list, the items you previously selected will be added to the list and removed from the original.

List Settings

On the settings tab you will have options for editing the list itself. You can choose the privacy of your list and update the title, name and email associated with the list.

  • Title – This sets the title of your list.
  • Description – Add a description if you would like. Other will see this when viewing your public or shared list.
  • Privacy Settings
    • Public – Anyone can search for and see the list. Users will be able to search for your list using the name and email you provide.
    • Shared – Only people with the link you share will be able to see the list. The list will not appear in search results.
    • Private – The list is only viewable by you and can not be shared with others and will not appear in search results.
  • First Name, Last Name – Your first and last name and Email Associated with the List
  • Email Address – Your email associated with the List

Enter in the appropriate information if you are creating a public list or plan to share you list with others. Others will be able to find public lists by searching for the information you enter here.

Difference between waitlists and wishlists

Waitlists only allows you to be notified via email when an out-of-stock product becomes available. Wish lists on the other hand allows you to save in stock products to lists where you can reference them for future purchase

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