Preorders allow you to order our products before they’re available.

How pre-order product payment works

Pre-orders are charged at the moment we receive product stock. Pre-Orders can be charged in two ways, automatically to a payment method you have saved on your account or via invoice if your payment method on file has expired or was declined. Unpaid pre-orders are held for 3 business days before being cancelled.

How to manage/view your pre-orders

You can view past and current pre-orders by visiting the Pre-Orders tab on your My Account page.

Completed, active, and canceled pre-orders are displayed, here you have the ability to cancel active pre-orders.

Estimate release dates

All estimate release dates are provided by the product manufacturer and can change at any moment. This past 2 years international shipments have been greatly impacted by COVID-19 and delays on release dates are expected. We notify all customers (via email) of a pre-order product in case release date has been updated.

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